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Our formula for success is based upon ensuring that three essential PMG core beliefs are in place for every project we undertake, namely; proper planning, reliable information and routine appraisal.

Proper Planning

Development of Media Plan + Monthly Management + Bespoke Project Development

We achieve this through a project based structure which has proven to give our clients a thorough understanding of the work which is to be undertaken, likely time scales and success rates. Where possible an indication of any resulting workload for the client will be given.

Reliable Information

Dedicated Marketing Coordinator + Regular Contact Meetings + Project Management System (Extranet)

To enable tracking of results for ourselves and our clients, we build a password protected Extranet site for each of our accounts. There we post continually updated reports that include traffic reporting and analysis, search engine ranking, and media coverage.

Routine Appraisal

Project Reviews + Performance Review + Adaptive Marketing Budget

The Internet provides an immediacy which is lacking in many other forms of media. PMG utilizes this information through ongoing performance appraisals allowing continuous improvement and fine tuning of all marketing activities.

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