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How do we get your messages across to existing and prospective customers to make them want to visit your site and look beyond the homepage?

First, we'll define and understand your brand(s) and your business, and we'll look at online concepts that can compliment this. We'll determine what you are trying to achieve, and the specifics of your target audience, we believe the results will be far greater with the proper research in advance.

Our team of promotion specialists have worked on a wide variety of creative solutions for customers employing various technologies, depending on the objectives of the campaign. We also own over 6800 Unique and dynamic Domain Names to further that goal when needed.

We can build brand identify from scratch, using consumer profiling, tactical promotional activity, competitions, new product launches and of course the web site launching.

Maybe you have a client base, who you want to keep in contact with? PMG can assist you with viral marketing and customer relationship building, aiming to win new customers, or bring existing ones back to your site on a more regular basis.

We can assist with micro-sites for a product launch, interactive banners to collect an email database, or virtual marketing implementation. whatever the problem, PMG can provide creative solutions, working with you to understand the objectives and the aims of the campaign.

Our in-house tracking system will provide real time information on how the campaign is running, enabling us to optimize on the fly any changes needed. at the end of the campaign we'll show you how to evaluate success and make the learning curve for future efforts whether on the web or offline.

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