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Generate Maximum Return On Investment

The success of an effective Internet advertising campaign is largely based on the careful planning, negotiation and ongoing management that is committed to that campaign. This ensures that when advertising expenditure is committed you can be assured that you are reaching the best possible audience online.

Whether your advertising goal is to build brand awareness, audience share or to retrieve market information, PMG is ideally placed to generate the maximum return for your investment.

A working partnership with PMG will enable you to achieve greater response, lower advertising rates, better banner placement and a broader selection of potential sites that other networks.

In all our online ad campaigns, our serving and advanced tracking systems enable smoother running and broader placement of banner advertising while maximizing the desired message the banner creates. During the course of a campaign we actively use these tools to substantially increase return rates.

PMG is completely independent of any networks and acts solely on behalf of clients. This independence ensures that clients receive the most objective, impartial and focused advice on where to place their advertising dollar whether it is online or off.

Greater Campaign Correlation

Whether your aims are to generate brand awareness, build information or develop an online audience, PMG is ideally trained to achieve greater correlation between the campaign's objectives and the marketing activities undertaken.



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