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Premiere Websites is catering exclusively to the professional management of offline/online advertising campaigns and provocative marketing slogans for business and e-commerce clients. We provide a total solution with a finished product that can be put to TV, DVD, CD-Rom, Film, an/or the Net.

Our innovative and dynamically intelligent traffic building solutions succeed in positioning our client's products in front of their target audiences, achieving offline as well as online awareness resulting in a sustainable, quantifiable, quality visitor.

Employment Opportunities

Our people is what makes us great! If you:

  • are team orientated
  • are able to lead
  • are willing to participate in the business adventure of a lifetime
  • have the capability to think fast and work smart
  • have a good understanding of the business application of the internet
  • not afraid to work hard

then we would like to hear from you

in return we can offer:

  • a real opportunity to experience your own creativity
  • work from home opts
  • a relaxed and fun environment
  • potential to share in the company's profits and future equity.
  • never a dull moment

current positions:
Important note: all positions, unless stated otherwise, require the applicant to be able to work from PMG's office in Houston, Texas.

media buyer

This position requires extensive knowledge of the internet and the world wide web, combined with talent and experience in media buying.

modeling coordinator - Tempe Arizona

To work with our talent and modeling division ( CastingUSA, EliteLooks, EliteTalent ) around the globe. Must have extensive knowledge of fashion and modeling. Able to work with world class photographers and organize large groups. Some travel required. - Website sample.

preliminary application

If you are interested in one of the positions described above click here.


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