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Net Publicity - Generating Exposure

Developing a presence online requires a fast moving approach to generating publicity using the internet as the medium.

The ability to harness technology is equally important as the internet offers many ways to create visibility, awareness and exposure of events, promotions or a business.

Using our proprietary tracking system, PMG is able to instantly determine where publicity has been obtained, be it through a web site, channel, content partner, newsgroup, forum or online event. we can also analyze the effect of nearly all pre-arranged events, providing instant and real time feedback.

By tying in online publicity drives with other promotions and advertising campaigns it is possible to better control and tailor a consistent public message.

In most cases we work alongside existing offline PR agencies to promote clients through as many channels as possible.

Ensuring that your site is represented in media coverage, both on and offline, is a most effective method of gaining publicity, in turn preventing others from gaining a foothold in emerging online markets.

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