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press releases

PMG wins account
(14th August 1996)
PMG site wins Top Honors in Best of Liquid Media
(22nd September 1996)
PMG launches with first lemon guide on the net.
(10th October 1996)
PMG wins Houston Highway Credit Union site.
(17th April 1997)
PMG wins Stewart and Stevens Credit Union site
(5th June 1997)
PMG acquires for B2B applications
(4th August 1997)
PMG wins Houston Energy Credit Union site
(7th August 1997)
PMG puts the first beginners web101 school online.
(14th September 1998)
PMG wins account
(10th December 1997)
PMG shows 1st streaming video of MS. Hawaiian Tropic International.
(23rd April 1998)
PMG enters uncompressed digital HDTV market.
(14th June 1998)
PMG buys 10,000 domain names for advanced marketing tools.
(24th December 1998)
PMG logs it's 10 millionth viewer.
17th June 1999)
PMG buys Uprime software company.
(20th November 1999)
PMG purchases it's 30,000th domain name.
(22nd January 2000)
PMG signs agreement to sell energy using Uprime technology at and
(4th June 2000)
PMG reaches 64,000 domains plus in it's certified networks.
(4th June 2006)
PMG creates Technology for Elite Looks and Elite Talent with The Talent SuperStore grand opening.
(6th July 2006)
PMG creates Technology for with booking agent and enquiry services.
(2th July 2006)
PMG creates Clear Lake Parties Video distribution systesm and enquiry services.
(2th Jan 2007)
PMG reaches 124,000 domains plus in it's certified networks.
(4th May 2007)

As you can see we have been around for a long time by internet standards. For more references click here.

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