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Achieving Our Client's Objectives

PMG have developed the world's most advanced and capable online tracking tool. This enables us to undertake adaptive marketing, which can result in dramatic increases in return within just a few weeks of the tracking being in place.

Ensuring that both technical and management systems exist with which to effectively assess both the sites performance and that of the promotion activities, is the only way to productively and efficiently achieve the project's objectives while providing true accountability.

We will happily undertake performance analysis and consultancy roles independently from promotion or advertising work.

The Role of Tracking

We believe that our role is to use online promotion and advertising tracking to better achieve the client's objectives. To this end the information generated can greatly assist in the strategic placement of the site, together with suggestions on structure and design.

We will also seek to understand the type of visitor you want and how the site, in conjunction with our marketing activities, can best achieve the desired results.

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