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Surveys and intelligently compiled data is a major ingredient to success.

Survey Creation
  • Support for nearly all question types
  • Question-by-question "Response required" control
  • "None of the Above"/mutually exclusive answers
  • Complete multi-level "Skip To" and "Skip From" support
  • Question and question group rotation with randomization
  • Piping support (answer to question, question to question)
  • Multi-level quota management and data exchange
  • Multi-dimensional grids
  • Advanced scripting language for skipping and logic control
  • Multi-lingual support (including double byte)
  • Optional respondent progress bar
  • Selective filtering and blocking by domain name or IP address
  • Branding by look and feel including symbolic logic studies
  • A wide range of other custom made applications and data manipulation features
Results Reporting
  • Item by Item custom report generator
  • Categorization of verbatim answers
  • Index and averaging
  • Outlier isolation and management
  • Mean and standard deviation reporting
  • Report definition and e-mail publishing
  • Selective instant removal of responses from answer set enabling client to define questions on the fly
  • Mass data integration of pre-existing data for reporting purposes - combining our software department uPrime, to bring over existing data bases for structuring and use
  • Correlation analysis
  • Completion rate and survey abandonment analysis
  • Multi-variant linear regressions analysis
  • Key driver and derived importance analysis
  • A wide range of other services combined to make our company a truly one stop shop.


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