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Online Promotion - A Strong Foundation

Online promotion and before the banner activities are generally very effective, building barriers to entry and offering quantifiable benefits at low costs.

Compared to both off and online advertising, promotion activities offer lower CPV (cost per visitor) rates and, being finite in nature, it is possible to calculate likely costs and benefits in advance.

Optimised Search Engine Registration

Achieving good positions in the major search engines is an ongoing mixture of hard work, regular registration and good site structuring. It is for this reason that many sites that have been submitted do not command the positions they expect.

As one of the most common forms of finding businesses, search engines offer the ability to generate exposure across the world, targeted by people's interest.

Proper optimization of a site allows sites to be visible under the businesses various products, markets, and services without the overall appearance of the site having to be radically altered. This effectively allows the site to have "multiple purposes", for example attracting visitors interested directly in the specific products and services of your business, the brand name and other important generic keyword phrases.

Strategic Link Management

Strategic linking, including content partnerships and revenue sharing from (and to) complementary sites is an extremely effective method of attracting long term targeted traffic to your web site

Although it is a relatively easy task to identify generic or complementary groups of business or topical areas where links and online site partnerships could be forthcoming, there are considerable difficulties in locating these sites online, even before the resulting contact and negotiation to activate these links that generally require . This requires a degree of persistence and business understanding.

PMG has a track record of developing strategic links between sites and specialty directories and being experts in online search and retrieval are extremely effective at locating, selecting and negotiating strategic links on your behalf.

Newsgroup Involvement

Getting involved and participating within Newsgroups is an excellent method of reaching and interacting with a motivated and active Internet audience, targeted to specified interests that include your target market.

Newsgroups are an extremely active component of the Internet with several thousands of people engaged in them on a daily basis, using the newsgroup forum to post, exchange and respond to messages on a specific topic.

Posting targeted messages and participating within relevant newsgroups affords visibility to a wide array of interested people. Adopting the correct manner and employing appropriate newsgroup and Internet "netiquette" will ensure that the posting is received well, and response rates as a result are excellent.

What's New & Award Site Submission

PMG has developed an excellent selection of the webs best Award sites and What's new sites. These sites are regularly used by magazine Editors looking to review and select sites for inclusion in their publications. Furthermore, large numbers of web users employ these lists to find the best sites currently on the Internet.

What's New & Award Sites are an excellent way for sites that have been redesigned or when a new user section has been added to boost visitor traffic, build industry recognition and receive more links from other sites.

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