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One of the results of the rapid growth of the Internet has been the proliferation in offline media coverage.

PMG work diligently in both on and offline net PR, generating exposure and awareness through new media journalists and online magazines and ezines.

New Media Press Release

The Internet, as a fast moving medium, has many online and offline organizations dedicated to providing the latest news and happenings that PMG regularly target through new media press releasing, directly to journalists and publications working in the new media and Internet field.

Carefully targeting an online community is important as this alone counts for an audience of over fourtytwo million businesses and consumers in the world. Indeed many web sites enjoy a higher "readership" than many national newspapers in todays economy. Because of this dedicated audience it is necessary to approach Internet orientated PR work in a different fashion than traditional media work.

Our response rates from new media press releases are invariably excellent, in no small part due to our careful targeting of the press release to hand-selected journalists or publications that we feel would find the press release of interest to their readers. Media attention can significantly improve the credibility and overall awareness of your site as a brand. Online press releases also have the added advantage that recipients can quickly link to your site to seek further information.

Targeted Opt-in Email Release

Opt-in email is the approved and accepted method of utilizing email to make business announcements. Rather than sending out unsolicited email, opt-in email lists are ones where Internet users have actually voluntarily signed up to receive commercial email about topics of interest.

Because individuals voluntarily sign up to receive email messages about specific topics, they are more likely to read the message. If the message is of interest, the recipient can link directly to your web site. This is particularly effective if the email has been well targeted, because the recipient has an active interest in your product or service.

Opt-in email has a number of advantages over more traditional forms of direct marketing, not least the ability to geographically target mailings. Consequently when compared to postal mailings, direct opt-in email is both less expensive and more effective. Depending on the persuasiveness of the email, the response rate will usually be between 4-8% though can be as high as 20%.

PMG is a completely independent firm acting solely on behalf of clients. This independence ensures that clients receive objective, impartial and focused advice on which opt-in email lists are suitable.

Newsletter Sponsorship and Advertising

Sponsorship of online email newsletters, invariably distributed on a weekly/monthly basis, is an inexpensive method of generating exposure to people with specified interests.

Newsletters can be particularly effective promotion tools, primarily as interested recipients are able to link directly from the e-mail to the web site, or e-mail directly back, maximizing the probability that the person will respond.

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