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Media Planning - Ensuring Maximum Returns

Whether advertising is used to build brand awareness, achieve audience share or to retrieve market information, PMG are ideally placed to generate the maximum return for your investment.

A working partnership with PMG will enable you to achieve lower advertising rates, better banner placement and a broader selection of potential sites while maximizing the use of your banners to get your desired message across.

Banner Advertising & Campaign Arrangement

Our renowned campaign arrangement services concentrates on finding the most appropriate advertising slots for your business. We seek to understand your business before we make any decisions, to find out what you are after, what you are trying to sell, and what your objectives are. PMG will provide you with the support, knowledge and information needed to make the right decisions and get the most out of your online advertising.

Online advertising depends on targeting just as it does offline, not about broad and expensive exposure at any cost. We will advise and categorize the potential options available to you, including demographic information where-ever possible, in order that the most appropriate and targeted advertising space will be achieved.

PMG is not tied to any other commercial web site; hence we will not try and fit pre-bought advertising space to your business's needs. When you're approached by agencies that have a pre-determined list of sites consider if you would find this acceptable in the real world. Our aim is to provide independent advice - independent prices and highly targeted banner placement as well as our mainstream media targets.

However this does not mean we do not have contacts that we can use to improve your bargaining position. The online market is very much a buyers market - we will make sure that you get the best out of it.

Site Sponsorships

As the internet offers flexibility and creativity as its ethos, so to does online advertising. Many sites actively seek and promote much greater co-involvement, partnerships and sponsorships with other complimentary sites, rather than pursuing static advertising arrangements.

Sponsoring a section on a complimentary site is invariably a long term arrangement, requiring more effort and investment to begin with, but offering greater returns and lower costs in the long run.

Ultimately every banner advertising placement should always have consideration given to it as a potential partner or sponsorship opportunity.


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